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The Cairns Homeschool Group is open to all homeschooling families in the Cairns region. We welcome unschoolers, school at home families, regular homeschoolers and distance education children of all ages.

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The group normally meets on Friday mornings at around 10am, we usually bring snacks or a picnic with us to share.

We arrange activities and excursions every week, we are always open to ideas and suggestions. We would very much appreciate access to local educational sites at special rates, if you could help us with that, please contact us using the box below. In return we can offer your organisation valuable exposure via websites and social media.

We often meet at a local playground or swimming pool when we don’t have a big event planned, we like to mix fun, friendship and play with some educational events for the children. The Cairns Homeschool Group is also an important meeting point for homeschooling mums and dads in the region, some of us can be very isolated in the conventionally-schooled community.

Cairns Homeschool Group Cairns Lagoon

Cairns Homeschool Group Events

We do not publish dates and specifics of meeting times on the internet. If you would like to join our group, or come along to meet some homeschoolers and find out more about how we go about providing our children with the education they deserve, please contact us via the e mail address above. Recent and upcoming  homeschool group events include:

A group visit to Tjapuki

Swimming at Cairns Lagoon, The Esplanade

Hip Hop dancing classes

A guided visit to The Botanic Gardens, Cairns.

A tour of Cairns Regional Art Gallery with hands on art activity.

A group reef trip.

A guided visit to The Cattana Wetlands, Cairns

A keeper for the day activity at The Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas.

Cairns Homeschool Group


To Contact Admin ( not Cairns Homeschool Group) at Homeschool Group Hug, please use the form on our Contact/Work With Us page.




  1. Rose Henry says:

    Please contact me regarding homeschool group. I would like to be involved.


  2. Hi. Dawn here. Unschooling mum to 9 yo son Rain. I live in Nelson NZ. We thinking of heading to Cairns to live and are keen to know if there is an unschooling community up there. I also would like to know how you all manage that will the regular checks i hear that happen from Govt. We do not have checks here which is great. I can’t imagine how to prove unshcooling, or keep records etc.. Be good to hear from someone regarding my queries. Thanks for your time! 🙂 Dawn

  3. Hi,
    I am having doubts about my 5 year old girl being at mainstream school and would like to meet and chat with some families that are homeschooling their children. Please call or email to arrange a time.

  4. We have a son aged 12years who has ASD, ODD and Sensory Processing disorder and we are having issue with him being in a mainstream class in a local high school to the point that fears for his safety and the mere thought of attending school at all.
    We have heard that there may be a Home Schooling program that operates from a location that has the students attend during the day rather than 1 parent home schooling in their own home.
    If you could advise if this is the case and if so how we can make contact we would most appreciate it.

  5. Hi my name is Jo. I am just wondering if I could get some information and advice about homeschooling. My son is unhappy at school and I’m not not sure what to do. He is a shy child (like his mum was) and struggles to form friendships. If someone could get in contact with me that would be great.

  6. This is really a great work done by cairns homeschool group. Generally the people have a perception of homeschooling children that they lack of social skills. This blog is a perfect answer for all the questions about socialization of homeschoolers. And i really appreciate for the group, for their ideas.
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  7. Teresa LaRuffa says:

    Hi, we are living in Florida, USA and want to live and travel around Cairns for a year. During that time, I’d like to homeschool my 6th and 7th grader but have no idea on where to start…which type of program to pick to homeschool, how to set up, etc. Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Teresa

    • Hi Teresa,
      You really don’t have to buy into any sort of program, you just put it together to suit you and your child. A year is a very short time in education, you could easily fill it with visits to the reef and rainforest, discovering Aboriginal culture and Australian history. Check out the guided tours at the Botanical gardens, take a guided snorkelling trip. Sign up with Tangaroa Blue beach clean ups (I have a post about them on our other site, If you go to that site there is a lot more information on homeschooling and worldschooling. Go to Hartley’s crocodile adventures and the Rainforest Habitat ( get an annual pass for all these places). Learn about local agriculture, we have sugar, cofee, chocolate. Your child will learn far more than in any classroom. I may have to write a post for you about educational places to visit around Cairns, there are loads!

  8. Hi All

    we are living in cairns and have 3 kids we are homeschooling.
    would like to meet and get active with others. 40531224

  9. Michelle says:

    Dear home schooling group
    I have serious doubts about my 5 year old being at private or state schools and would like to meet and chat with some families that are homeschooling their children. Please call or email,as I would like to meet up ASAP.many thanks

  10. Michelle says:

    Best place for info please?

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